Infinite Labyrinth: floorplan battle. Ideas Competition. 2022

Infinite Labyrinth
  • Type: open international single-stage ideas competition.
  • Registration fee: €40 to €85.
  • Registration deadline: 30 September 2022.
  • Submission deadline: 30 September 2022.
  • Winners announcement: 1–15 November 2022.
  • Prizes: 1.000 euros, one year Nonarchitect pro subscription for free, publications.
  • Official website/webpage: nonarchitecture.eu.

Theme and background

The “Infinite Labyrinth” is a design competition developed to explore the creative potential of architectural design through one of the most basic architectural drawings: the floor plan.
Floor plans have been used not only to explain and communicate architectural designs, but they’re often adopted as an actual design medium, to test and communicate ideas with all the involved in the project – either is the client, engineer or contractor. In architecture, a floor plan is a drawing to scale, showing a view from above, of the relationships between rooms, spaces, traffic patterns, and other physical features at one level of a structure. Floor plans can be used to show the layout of rooms within buildings, the structure and other essential spatial elements.
This competition is an opportunity to experiment how a floor plan can communicate a project today. What kind of design choices can better respond to the issues raised in the extended brief and how can a two-dimensional drawing communicate it in the most effective way?
You only have one floorplan to answer those questions.
The aim of the “Infinite Labyrinth” competition is to develop one drawing to communicate an architectural design. The participants are asked to design a building that responds to the requirements of the brief and one floorplan to represent it, with absolute freedom of interpretation, technique and level of abstraction. Even the concept of floorplan itself can be questioned in order to craft the most expressive way to represent the design.
The end result of this competition will be a publication of all finalist projects in our online journal, combined in an endless maze, that when scrolling through the page becomes an Infinite Labyrinth.
This is a competition where you develop your skills as a communicator, designer and space thinker. The aim is to respond to the presented challenge, with a very strong focus on building function, creativity, criticality and innovation.
We are not interested in the construction details, we want to see the space organization. The drawing can highlight functional aspects of the building, showing a deep understanding of one or more design aspects. It can focus on the aesthetic qualities, showing space configuration and specific projects characteristics, or it can only display structural elements and overall massing. the elements shown in the entry are flexible and adaptable to the participants interpretation.
Participants are asked to design a labyrinth - with a specific size and entrance points. All the remaining aspects of the maze are completely open to interpretation.
Labyrinths are a system of intricate passageways and blind alleys, used symbolically, as a walking meditation, site of rituals and ceremonies, and entertainment, among other things. Labyrinths have always been about the journey, at least as much as the destination. In this competition, we ask you to design the path and define the destination by playing with the concept and form of the labyrinth; infinite, like a social media scroll.
All finalist projects will be published in our online journal, combined in an endless maze, that when scrolling through the page becomes an infinite Labyrinth.
This competition is an opportunity to experiment with how a floor plan can communicate a project today. How can a two-dimensional drawing communicate it in the most effective way? What is a labyrinth today? How can we interpret its symbolism and translated it into a floorplan?
There is only one fixed parameter: the labyrinth must respect the given template.


Non Architecture Competitions are open to all human beings, from every age and cultural background, working in groups or individually. The registration fee is paid per team, regardless of how many members form it. Personal information of all the team members can be uploaded during the submission procedure of the final drawing.


Non Architecture Competitions will award two winners, one selected by each jury, and a total of 6 honourable mentions.
WINNER (1 Prizes)
  • 1.000 euros.
  • Publication in the Non Architecture Competitions book and website.
  • Reviews in digital magazines and several architecture blogs.
  • Publication in the Non Architecture Competitions book and website.
  • Reviews in digital magazines and several architecture blogs.
EDITORIAL PICK (Up to 6 Prizes)
  • Publication in the Non Architecture Competitions book and website.
FINALISTS (Up to 36 Prizes)
  • Publication in the Non Architecture Competitions Journal.
  • One year subscription for free (in addition to the existing one)
  • The organization might establish additional special prizes and awards during the competition development and in the evaluation phase.


The jury members are the following:
  • Marcello Carpino, Mattia Inselvini, Davide Masserini and Luigi Savio – Founders of (ab)Normal
  • Ryan Tung – Digital illustrator, animator and designer
  • Xiaoyang Fang – Uncertainty Network Office “UN-Office”
Infinite Labyrinth


1 – 30 June 2022 – Special registration period (40 €*).
1 – 31 July – Early registration period (55 €*).
1 – 31 August – Regular registration period (70 €*).
1 – 30 September – Last Minute registration period (85 €*).
15 September – Submission opens on our website.
30 September – 11.59 PM – Submission closes.
1 – 15 November – Winner announcement.
The timing always refers to Central European Time (CET)
* +22% VAT.

Registration & Submission

The registration fee is per team, regardless of how many members are on the team.
All the payments will be organized through competition Website, in order to provide the safest procedure to all the participants. Payments can only be operated via credit cards & debit card. 
Submissions must be done through the Non Architecture website (nonarchitecture.eu)
Participants must download the floorplan TEMPLATE, and design their proposal within the limits of the designated area. There are four entrances for the labyrinth identified in the template that must be respected.
Non Architecture is also unconventional in its submission requirements. The participants are asked to submit 1 ZIP folder, named with the registration code and the title of the project (code_title), containing:
  • 01. the Floorplan (.JPEG).
  • 02. A team document in Word (.doc).
There is no need to create a team name. One team should consist of 1-4 people. TEAM DOCUMENT TEMPLATE.
Image requirements:
  • square format 420 × 420 mm, 300 dpi (4961 × 4961 px), 
  • high quality (for example, in Photoshop JPEG output quality: 8, or 80-85 in Gimp is recommended), 
  • 7 MB maximum file size. 
if the submitted images don’t respect these criteria, may lead to the disqualification of the team


The core values of the competitions are:
  • effective communication of the design qualities through the drawing
  • originality of the design
  • relevance to the building function addressed by the competition
These values will lead the selection of the finalists’ projects and they will be used by the jury as a guideline in their decision.
Remember that this is a competition of ideas, an opportunity to experiment and explore the limits of architecture representation. the jury reserves the right to award any proposal that fails at any of the parameters mentioned in these rules, as long as it justifies the breach of the rule in favour of the value of the proposal.
Infinite Labyrinth




The evaluation of the projects is anonymous, so do not include your name, your registration code, or any other reference to you in the images. After being evaluated by the jury, the projects will be reconnected to their authors through the submission code. Additional details on the team members and on the projects will be required during the submission procedure.

Intellectual property

All the material submitted to the competition will become part of Non Architecture competitions’ files. Non Architecture will have full rights to publish and promote this material, always making proper mention of their authors. The material might also be used for the platform’s merchandising and exhibition purposes. For any other purpose, the authors of the projects will keep full rights over their design and will be asked to grant permission.
By submitting a proposal you are giving Non Architecture the right to use the received material in both printed and online publications. Non Architecture competitions will also have the right to slightly modify any of the mentioned material in order to better adapt it to the different formats and layouts that different publications might have.

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